Working Groups & Advisory Councils

Meet the 2023-2024 Advisory Councils and Working Groups

Youth Substance Use Advisory Council
Co-Leads: Nick Harris, PhD, Lisa Bishop, PhD 

Rural Access & Telehealth Advisory Council
Co-Leads: Bruce Hollett, MD;  Igor Yakovenko, PhD

Concurrent Disorders Advisory Council
Co-Leads: Phil Tibbo, PhD; Pamela Arenella MD

PWLLE Working Group
Co-Leads: Gerard Yetman;  Natasha Touesnard

Indigenous Working Group
Co-Leads: Renee Masching, MSW;  Daphne Hutt McLeod, MA
Advisor: Amy Bombay, PhD

Sex and Gender Working Group
Co-Leads: Niki Kiepek, PhD; Jacqueline Gahagan, PhD

With feedback from CRISM Atlantic members three areas were identified as important with respect to primary service needs and related research focus: Concurrent Disorders; Youth Substance Use; and Rural Access and Telehealth. To guide work in these areas, three Working Groups (WG) have been created. WGs will be responsible to help identify, support and monitor research projects, fully or partially funded, through WG funds.

CRISM Atlantic members identified three population-specific areas of importance: PWLLE; Indigenous Peoples; and Rural Access & Telehealth. To guide work within these areas, Advisory Councils (AC) were created. ACs will be responsible to inform the WG research projects to ensure projects are designed, conducted and that information is shared in a way that considers the population-specific areas.

We invite you to BECOME A MEMBER, or if you are a member, consider TAKING ON A ROLE within our identified research theme working groups and priority population advisory councils.

Interested in being part of one of these dynamic groups?

Involvement means:

  • upwards of four (4) meetings annually (3 virtual and 1 in-person). A travel subsidy will be provided for in-person meetings
  • 2-year term, with possibility of renewal
  • group size: 6-8 members, including two co-chairs
  • potential for mentorship and/or to serve as a future co-chair
  • more active involvement in substance use intervention research and knowledge dissemination within Atlantic Canada

We ask that you provide us with a brief statement (up to 250 words) on why you are interested and the Advisory Council and/or Working Group of interest to you.
Feel free to include a statement or document about your related expertise and/or recent CV.
Send your information and any questions to: by August 25th, 2023.